The WarEdit

The War was initiated by ImmaSSJ4Gogeta calling SuperVegitoSSJ2 a slimeball. SuperVegitoSSJ2 was blindsided, having just finished losing a battle to ImmaGTBaby. After the initial contact, both users continued to make meaningless threats and sexual innuendos towards each other, until ImmaSSJ4Gogeta finally grew the balls to do something about it. SuperVegitoSSJ2 took this initiative without hesitation. ImmaSSJ4Gogeta threatened to blast SuperVegitoSSJ2 with 5 Kamehameha blasts (shitty Blue Water Dub), however, SuperVegitoSSJ2 felt unthreatened and mocked ImmaSSJ4Gogeta's lack of originality. ImmaSSJ4Gogeta was bluffing however, and completely trolled him. The end of the war was followed with a beautiful epilouge by SuperVegitoSSJ2.

The Epilouge by SuperVegitoSSJ2Edit

"It's nothing more than a kids game,

dreamed up by two innocent children.

C'mon, you can do better than that...

can't you? ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..."

General ReceptionEdit

The war was infamous for being incredibly irritating and annoying and recieved various complaints from subscribers for flooding their feed. However, ImmaSSJ4Gogeta and SuperVegitoSSJ2 didn't give a shit. The war did garner several video responses from subscribers lamenting their horrible existence and irritation with the matter (and in some cases, were paying homage to this great, beautiful war.)

ImmaGTBaby's reaction

ImmaGTBaby's homage

ImmaBriefs' reaction

ImmaBriefs' homage

ImmaSpongebob1's reaction

NormadMusik's reaction

ImmaVegito's reaction

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