"What? What was that? Oh I'm sorry I can't understand you I don't speak pain!"

ImmaWolfFangFist is an Imma created by noidMAX in March 31st 2011 after seeing the success and funny videos of ImmaVegeta. Being that the name "ImmaYamcha" was already used, "MAX" just decided to use Yamcha's trademark move, Wolf Fang Fist

Instant FameEdit

ImmaWolfFangFist uploaded three videos the same night the account was created. The next morning he would come to find that the views had risen to over 100 for all three videos. The reason for this is that ImmaVegeta had taken liking to one particular video of "Yamcha's greatest line EVER" and favorited it. Everybody viewed it in his favorites, which started the momentum for ImmaWolfFangFist.


IWFF later uploaded a video from Budokai Tenkaichi 3 with Yamcha saying "LOOKIN GUD TIEN" to Tien with him replying "LOOKIN GUD YAMCHA". IWFF later made this his catchphrase so to speak by greeting a new Imma with the words "LOOKIN GUD ____".

The Infamous "ED" HackingEdit

In the Summer of 2011, viewers would come to find that a mysterious hacker called "Ed" (Who took the persona of Edward from Cowboy Bebop) would make his/her stand on ImmaWolfFangFist's page. Ed has had the reputation of almost hacking the "Goku" page on youtube and taking down one of the ImmaTeenGohan pages as well. Yet he/she hesistated to immediatley close the Yamcha account and ignorantly taunt and troll the other Immas. Videos from other Immas expressed the hatred for the ED hacker and wanted IWFF back in action. Luckily no more then two weeks later IWFF got the account by logging into the account in vein and changing the password quickly. Ed was never heard from again...

Becoming a "Major Imma"Edit

ImmaWolfFangFist's videos were favorited by the likes of ImmaSeru, ImmaVegeta, ImmaNappa, ImmaGinyu and so on and so forth. His subscriber count has been incredibly rising with every video he puts out. He mostly uploads funny lines from Dragonball so the quotes can be memorable and so his viewers can have a good laugh.

Personal LifeEdit

ImmaWolfFangFist is an indy filmaker who loves to make videos. He's not like many people on Youtube and actually responds back to comments if he has time. His favorite animes are Yu Yu Hakusho, Dragonball, Dragonball Z, Full Metal Alchemist, Durarara, and Cowboy Bebop.

He remains as one of the most popular Immas on Youtube