ImmaScorpionMk's newly revealed Profile Picture, he has made it a Meme as ImmaSonicTehHedgehog has already revealed he has one.

ImmaScorpionMK is an Imma Based on the Mortal Kombat series

His Original Account is Unknown.


  • ImmaScorpionMK has been known to speak in MASS CAPITALS.
  • ImmaScorpionMK is one of a few (if not, the only Imma) To have a "Pro Background".
  • ImmaScorpionMK Hasn't quoted "Get Over Here!" yet.
  • ImmaScorpionMK Has played every MK Game through to the end. (Excluding Special Forces and Mythologies : Subzero.)
  • His first 'Filler' video is a clip from the movie Animalympics.