ImmaSSJ4Gogeta's YouTube avatar.

ImmaSSJ4Gogeta has the highest Imma powerlevel on YouTube. If it wasn't for ImmaVegeta's royalty, ImmaSeru's perfection, and for ImmaKai1's homosexuality, ImmaSSJ4Gogeta would be the most revered Imma. However, every super warrior has their origin. The account before ImmaSSJ4Gogeta was GOheAT136. GOheAT136 one day stumbled upon ImmaVegeta's channel, and his life was changed forever by his ultimate awesomeness. GOheAT136 eventually found out about other Immas, and became notorious for having top comments on Imma videos such as ImmaSeru's "Oh, dear boy." and ImmaVegeta's "I'm going to crush you and throw you into the wind!" This led to inspiration to the ultimate design, and eventually came (came) that fateful day.

The birth of ImmaSSJ4Gogeta and "Shut the fuck up Pan"Edit

After the epiphany of GOheAT136, in his inspiration, he created the greatest work of art known to mankind: ImmaSSJ4Gogeta. ImmaSSJ4Gogeta debuted with a shitty custom theme dubstep video, and his second video: "We listen to neat theme music while our weak sons fight the greatest enemy the universe has ever seen." which nearly has 1000 views as of 11/22/11. It wasn't until ImmaSSJ4Gogeta's 11th video until he had his greatest staple in his video archive. This video is known as "Shut the fuck up Pan". "Shut the fuck up Pan" accumulated hundreds of views within seconds, which acquired ImmaSSJ4Gogeta plenty of recognition within a short amount of time. On 11/17/2011, "Shut the fuck up Pan" aquired 2,000 views.



The rivalry between ImmaSSJ4Gogeta and SuperVegitoSSJ2 may seem one sided (due to SuperVegitoSSJ2's massive amount of subs), but ImmaSSJ4Gogeta is the rookie of the year. This is a seemingly friendly rivalry, but they have their fair share of animosity (ref. Vegito/Gogeta Reaction Saga). They both spoon from time to time, but you won't hear it from them.


This is a rivalry of who is stronger. ImmaSSJ4Gogeta has posted many comments on ImmaGTOmega's youtube page ; ImmaGTOmega has replyed to alot of them. Edit

Vegito/Gogeta Reaction Saga Edit

On the same day of "Shut the fuck up Pan"'s 2000th view (also known as "Shut the fuck up Pan Day"), tradgedy struck. The 1st ultimate battle of fusions was held between ImmaSSJ4Gogeta and SuperVegitoSSJ2/ImmaVegito. Needless to say, ImmaSSJ4Gogeta failed epically and turned into a zebra and started speaking nonsense.