User MD94Productions was an avid viewer to many of the large Immas, such as ImmaVegeta, IMMAPICOLLO

Profile icon of ImmaRagingBlast1. A picture of SSJ3 Vegeta, a character exclusive to the series.

ImmaKai1,ImmaKrillin, and many others. Looking at his profile one day he noticed ImmaRagingBlast had closed his account. Having a copy of Raging Blast for the PS3 and a Dazzle Capture Card. He decided to carry the torch and become ImmaRagingBlast1.


ImmaRagingBlast1's comes from the Raging Blast video game series, but like many Immas will occasionally stray from what their channel is about just to make a random video. Unlike most Immas, he doesn't have to worry about dodging copyrights, unless he was to upload leaked footage or add music to a video.

thumb|left|300px|An example of a random video from ImmaRagingBlast1

Personal LifeEdit

ImmaRagingBlast1 is a junior in high school with so-so grades and avid gamer on the PS3. He enjoys fighting games, first and third person shooters. "Anything with violence in it," he says. Dragonball and DBZ are the only anime he's really into so far but may try others since he doesn't have cable. He also enjoys reading , old school Kung Fu flicks, and listening to underground hip hop music.

Future VideosEdit

Right now his source of videos comes from the game Dragonball: Raging Blast, making the best out of that "story mode" but he plans to make videos on Raging Blast 2 and Ultimate Tenkaichi.

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