ImmaOrochimaru started Youtube on October 26, 2011. His ot

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her account is shyarkugan.


Orochimaru is a villian from the anime Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden. He is very weird creature who summons snakes and isn't really human. However, he is very powerful.


One day, shyarkugan was on Youtube and decided to make an Imma account since he thought that it would be fun. He already knew about the Immas, and so that was the reason why. The reason he picked Orochimaru was because he liked the charatcer and that there wasn't a ImmaOrochimaru at the time. At the beggining he was doing good, getting subscribers and views because he was one of the few Naruto Immas. However, that all changed once other Immas such as ImmaKiba1 and ImmaNarutoManga showed up. They stole most of the favoritism from them, but he still had many loyal fans. To this day he still uploads videos, but not as frequently as he used to. His friends are all of the Naruto Immas, such as ImmaKiba1, ImmaNarutoManga, immaTobi, ImmaItachi, and many others. He is also friends with ImmaUryu and many other Immas. Although he has many compitition, he will continue to be an Imma and have fun.