Omega shenron



On December 31st 2011 ImmaGTOmega joined the internet. He uploaded his first 3 videos on that day. 2 of them were stolen due to the fact that at that time ImmaGTOmega was unnable to trim his own videos due to his regular laptob crashing


Every Imma came from somewhere, and so did ImmaGTOmega. ImmaGTOmega owned several channels in the past. MilanLucicable, Medaman06, zdeno44chara, And Mrmauer7. All others are closed due to the fact that they where either banned or closed because his brother closed them just to piss him off. MilanLucicable and MrMauer7 where very know users online. Both surpassing the 200 suscriber count.


As some people may know ImmaGTOmega and ImmaSSJ4Gogeta where a big part of the war against SOPA and PIPA. ImmaGTOmega hid off almost everything on his channel because he was on strike against SOPA and PIPA. ImmaGTOmega signed the petition against SOPA. And protested against it. And was a big part of the wikipedia black out.

ImmaGTOmega gets his first strikeEdit

On Febraury 18, 2012 ImmaGTOmega recieved his first strike form TOEI animation. his video "The mighty omega" was tooken down as a result. ImmaGTOmega was very very cautioned after that and does not upload clips over 30 seconds. only occasionally.

ImmaGTOmega's career lowersEdit

After the first strike ImmaGTOmega stopped uploading as frequently as usual. As a result he lost the respect of many Imma's.

ImmaGTOmega gives up DBGTEdit

After mid April, ImmaGTOmega got bored of uploading mere DBGT videos all the time. And so he started uploading DBZ, Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Skyrim, and Minecraft videos. As forth a few people didn't react kindly to this so ImmaGTOmega simply blocked the muttering fools.

ImmaGTOmega and ImmaBenson Alliance!Edit

Around August 29, 2012, ImmaGTOmega sent immabenson a message to stop commenting on his videos. After a few messages here and back, ImmaGTOmega and ImmaBenson decided to form an alliance to troll THEImmatapion. Since The Imma community was nearing it's end at this time (mainly due to most major immas quitting, ImmaKrillin, lmmaNappa,ETC...) ImmaBenson and ImmaGTOmega where 2 of about 50 imma's that still operate. (ESTIMATION) 50/876 Immas still where active.