Futuregohan& trunks
ImmaFutureGohan is an Imma made by UltimateDragon56. (History) 3 years ago,UltimateDragon56 looks around Youtube.He wasn't really a video maker but he likes other people's videos and rate and subscribes to them.After that,he saw an Imma called ImmaVegeta and he wanted to know why that person was acting like he was a dragonball z character.He went on ImmaVegeta's channel to see what for but didnt find any information. (Goodbye UltimateDragon56) Days later,UltimateDragon56 went on youtube to see if there was any new videos ImmaVegeta had and went to see any old videos on games that he had.He found a video about one of his game he has.UltimateDragon56 wanted to comment on the video but couldnt they said log on or sign up and when he tryed to log in and he saw an error saying it is a wrong username and he couldn't log on back and UltimateDragon56 wasn't heard of for a long time. (The beginning of ImmaFutureGohan) 3 years later,UltimateDragon56(with no account)came to youtube once again and when he was searching through youtube,he found more Immas.UltimateDragon56 then became confused of why more people want to be like dragonball z characters.He then grew fund to make an Imma account and see what it is like he then rush to sign up to make a new account and thus ImmaFutureGohan was born.After that he tryed to talk with the other immas to know how it is like being one and why.He then got a camera and tryed making videos but wants to edit them too like some of the immas did.He saw some immas with pictures with their names on it and he know it couldnt be possible without editing.He then gained more knowledge on how to make a video better but not completely but he is still trying to ask the immas how they edit everything like pictures and videos. (Personality) []ImmaFutureGohan loves sports. []ImmaFutureGohan is a calm,kind and helpful person []ImmaFutureGohan takes things very seriously.