Freeza, ImmaFreezer's character for Youtube.

ImmaFreezer is another Imma on Youtube, created January 2, 2012 for the 1st major villian, Frieza. His old account, DBZUploader2011 got suspended due to uploaded DBZ Fights. He now has the replacements DBZUploader2012 and DBZKUploader2012, which he is cautiously and slowly uploading. His backup Imma account is ImmaMechaFreezer and lmmaFreezer.


January 2, 2012, Freezer decided to make an Imma account, based on his favorite character, Frieza. He also made the account, due to all ImmaFrieza's (or Freeza's) being on hiatus. When he figured out the dub and manga names of Frieza were taken, he decided to use the pun name; Freezer. Thus, ImmaFreezer was born. ImmaFreezer was influenced by ImmaKai1, ImmaVegeta, and SuperVegitoSSJ2 to make an Imma account.

Not long, after making the account, he tried to upload as many videos as possible.


ImmaFreezer is based off the character Frieza (Freeza) from the manga/anime Dragon Ball Z/GT/Kai. Frieza is a space-tyrant and ruled the universe for years. His right-hand men are Zarbon and Dodoria. Frieza considers himself the most powerful being in the universe, although, even around his Father, King Cold, he still applies to this title. Frieza is the youngest son of King Cold and has an older brother called Cooler. Ever since ImmaFreezer was a child, Frieza was easily his favorite villain.

Trivia Edit

  • His birthday is January 23rd.
  • His favorite DBZ characater is Vegeta.
  • He's currently competing against 2 British Immas (SuperVegitoSSJ2 and ImmaGokuTFS).
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