Bloody Krillin

thumb|326px|right|A Teaser Of The Bloody Krillin SagaBloody Krillin was made by Cell kicking Krillin a bit to hard. That day, it changed Krillin's life forever. The kick; it was so hard that, he accidentally absorbed some of Cell's energy, and he went out of control afterwards. After the accident, he has become addicted to more power. And his life is destined to travel to many other dimensions out there, every universe, just to kill the other Krillin's in any of them. He buffed about that Goku

Bloody Krillin found by ImmaDBZGames.

and or Vegeta cannot stop him! It is stated that ImmaKrillin's idea of Bloody Krillin was from Bloody GIR. ( GIR is the robot who almost always goofs off and is owned and created by Zim, the main character of the series Invader Zim. Let the Bloody Krillin Saga begin!!!
Bloody Krillin